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  1. Uh, she's pretty hot and could kick David's ass at any game he chooses.
  2. Therefore she might as well be a "fatass ugly toad" (in the eloquent words of David) compared to Alizee.
  3. I would say she could be, but she can't, so yes, you're correct in saying that she is not.
  4. Angel isn't a pale brunette in heels, leggings, and a short whatever the **** that is.
  5. so r u jelus wen angel dos dat 2 me and i also get 2 plai maeplstry?????????
  6. Yes. In a freaking heartbeat. Dude seriously she is the hottest thing in existence
  7. would you give up perfect gear and maplestory for lyfe to have her do that to you
  8. Skip to 3:10 in the video

    you'll die all over the place
  9. dude that's like seriously the perfect girl

    wth is wrong with you
  10. wtf. fk you and your hipster french chicks.
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