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  1. bro i dont read 90% of the stuff assigned for class
    year 4
    finished capstone and concentration
    4.0 in English

    why are you even reading things
  2. gg

    is it some cheesy love story like jane eyre
    at least it's better than "as i lay dying"
    **** that book was so bad i wanted to tear out the pages and burn it
  3. we read it in some class, but I don't think I ever actually did the assignment

    so no idea

  4. what's lady audley's secret about

    i have to read it for my 19th century lit class and i need it "done" by tomorrow... i've read the first 50 pages and don't really know yet
  6. Ok make an analogy, you are a spider at night who crawls into people's head and gets eaten. but then you have little ones you reproduce and they get eaten the same until you can not reproduce anymore.
  7. [15-09, 15:10] LostZodiac: a giant glacial chain being extended then pulled back isn't low quality?
    Suddenly talking about I/L mages for no apparent reason.

    [15-09, 15:13] LostZodiac: no i'm saying the idea of the class is good
    Trying to desperately change his argument

    [15-09, 15:16] LostZodiac: all sam does is lay insults
    Fourth or fifth personal attack that seems to boost his ego

    [15-09, 15:19] LostZodiac: i gave up on it a while ago because all you 2 is never shut up
    "Gave up but still kept typing"
  8. [15-09, 15:07] LostZodiac: they do sam, but i'm saying you're over reacting to kaiser because he's this out of place blip
    Suddenly admitting Kaiser is out of place.

    [15-09, 15:08] LostZodiac: stop focusing so intently on chatbox and read your own thread
    Implying I didn't reply to him like ten minutes ago in the thread.

    [15-09, 15:09] LostZodiac: i said in the thread in not the exact words that kaiser doesn't fit because he's too high quality and it clashes with the aestetic of maple, and you're over reacting to it
    Lol'd so hard.
  9. [15-09, 15:04] LostZodiac: then quit and go away all you do is cause me stress and be an annoyance

    [15-09, 15:03] LostZodiac: i play bastion for astetics, but you guys are over reacting saying a single class, is going to ruin the aesthetics of an entire game
    LZ spelling it wrong, then spelling it right.

    [15-09, 15:06] LostZodiac: aesthetically, the game looks fine except for the characters, the quality of Kaiser in his animations and don't fit the game so it affects the aestetics so they aren't mutally exclusive
    Implying that all characters are aesthetically unpleasing.

    [15-09, 15:06] LostZodiac: sam seriously go away, all you do is throw insults, i don't see why tesi or anyone remotely likes you
    Implying I have no valid arguments and only resort to personal attacks... through a personal attack.
  10. zfgt, i have to buy books so i wont be able to get nx today

    R U MAD
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