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  1. hbbday Rewk
  2. season 1 -
    season 2 -

    There are also OVAs airing right now and they're being release far apart from another, the 3rd one just aired the other day and eclipse should sub it soon--watch em after the series though. There is also supposed to be a season 3 after the OVAs or something.
  3. ok thanks, and for Shakugan, should I watch both seasons? And I don't know where i can find the torrents to watch it.
  4. I can't say much my town is a town of rednecks not gangster wannabees haha, but it was just a little tussle between boys nothing too big. The avatar though is from shakugan on shana a series you should see if you haven't.
  5. Sorry for disturbing you, but what anime is your avatar from?
  6. I'm still in high school, and you know how high schools are filled with gangster wanabes and the such. I just wanted to know and compare it to my odds of getting jumped for whatever reason.

    Can you describe your fight when you were in 6th grade?
  7. Odd question lol but no I don't really work out just jog on occasions. And the last thing you would call a fist fight was back in 6th grade. Why you ask?
  8. Hey Rook, do you work out? And have you ever been in a fist fight?
  9. ho0ters be ho0ting around sipping on that ho0terade
  10. That would be the word h00ters, lol
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