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  1. hurrrrr im calvin everybody wants to sex me up durrrr
  2. hurr durr
  3. hawt

  4. somebody say yaoi?

  5. woah man woah man whao

    yaoi or something like that
  6. indeed, my profile is quite lonely

    people hate me
  7. First visitor message in two months.

    Your profile seemed lonely.
  8. this is bad... is it okay if I say I have two minors, three majors, and quad- Ph. D's automatically making me worth around $1mil out of college... or more?
  9. Her name is Suzu Hagimura and her IQ is 180 YOU SIMPLY DO NOT COMPARE WITH THIS LADY. ps learn Japanese and Italian.
  10. what is her name. She is cute.

    I can speak German, english, spanish, and soon, russian. which in total is about 4.
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