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  1. Jeez Wyatt, he's married.

    Whatchu thinking.
  2. This is precisely the reason your local farmer's market is always full of pedophiles.
  3. So my fat redneck closet alcoholic neighbor rides you every morning at 7 A.M.?

    I understand why you're so upset all the time.
  4. Excuse me?

    Yeah, that's right. I AM the lawnmower that your neighbor wakes you up wit hat 7 a.m on the weekends.
    What do you think of that?
  5. No, Wyatt, you are a baby.

    Also, I am done talking to you in any form or fashion, because I have no place arguing with a pathetic child who feels empowered over a forum.

    Sincerely, please go get laid, you might be a whole different man or woman after the experience.
  6. I'd hate to intrude... but-

    pootis pootis pootis pootis pootis pootis pootis
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