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  1. yes i agree, college is a brain drain.
    gl ^__^
  2. people are all going so hipster.

    also, I am very asian and I do hours and hours of homework every day. Other people procrastinate and pull all-nighters every other day. College is so hard.
  3. i did it to troll everyone who edited their profiles to look nice/lame/gay etcetc
  4. :< okay. you're one of those people who take everything extreme hardxcore so i understand =P
  5. also why so much black

    oh god it's so hard to post
  6. oh god no, college eats up my life

    also minecraft too
  7. you should play maplestory again but on kradia
  8. Happy new decade
  9. HAPPY NEW YEAR blah creepy long necked rainbow eel with legs
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