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  1. I get much less delay when using HSS instead of AOL, and yeah it does set up just a little faster and AOL kinda lags to even turn on.
  2. Glad it works for you. How are you finding it compared to AOL? I like AOL a lot more, but HotSpot shield certainly is a lot quicker to set up and use.
  3. Worked like a charm
  4. School starts tomorrow. QQ

    As for HSS, you can only weblaunch with it.
    1. Open browser & log in on Maple site.
    2. Connect HSS after logging in (without the shield).
    3. After the shield is on, hit the play button.
  5. I guess it's 'Welcome back to school' already? and I'm still trying to fix up a better way/connection to maple on, switching from wireless to a LAN wire didn't help much, and tried hotspotshield, couldn't connect. SO FRUSTRATED.
  6. My gameplay works perfectly, as well as my net browsing speed. It's just streaming (YouTube) and downloading (torrents) are about 1/8 to 1/10~ of the usual speed.
  7. You don't have pot delays or anything like that ingame?
  8. I have no problems with internet speed in general with AOL on, but the download speeds are horrible. I've just put up with it, there isn't really much else you can do when bypassing.
  9. How'd not get 10mbps on your AOL connection? ITS DRIVING ME NUTS WITH THE HORRIBLE INTERNET SPEED
  10. Not at all. DAAAAAAAAAMNNNNN.
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