Wii Sports Resort.

  1. CDFA
    Discuss .
  2. FailFTW
    Does the weird wii remote stability attachment work?
  3. Merciless
    Yes it does. Its actually quite fun i must say. Archery <3

    swordfighting is dumb though, all you do is wave the wiimote around like a retard gesticulating at a lightpole
  4. CDFA
    Well, actually, when you get to higher levels, you actually need to use strategy :D.
  5. Falkner
    And this is when you have sephiroth and cloud come in. Ridiculously huge and long swords to fight.
  6. jitenp
    Im awesome at swordfighting. Went through all the regular levels without losing a single heart. Then i went to the reverse side.
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