Cave Story Sacred Ground/Hell run times.

  1. DDrgn
    I can't do any better.

    EDIT: It removed my picture. :P
  2. PhoenixRider
    I hope to god I didn't delete cavestory from my computer. I wanna see how well I did too.
  3. pyrofyr
    Hahaha, I deleted all my old info from Cave Story and whatnot.
  4. Poisonous
    When I'm not lazy, I'll dig up that picture I posted in the CS thread.

  5. Falkner
    Ugh, I didn't get my time ss'd. I did beat Sacred Ground/Hell though...
  6. Megadeus
    I don't think I've ever beaten the game actually... got to the last boss fight and for some reason or other just stopped.
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