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    Writing My Diary...
  2. ehw
    November 6, 2011
    Today was a really rough day. I woke up in the morning at about 7:00am to play GMS. First today was one of the worst day. Some random guy popped out of nowhere and said “Wana play DG with me” I said “Shure =3” Overall I lost like 50m. 0.o I lost 4 mastery books and lost my level 30 surfboard. I GGed. Next, my BFF OmgHeyJake came to me and said, “Lets DG with some nub” I was like sure. Overall, lost my Mechanic chair, Maple Skanda(Rare=All Stat+4) Maple Asura Dagger, and won maple wand and Evolving ring (Stat: ALL STAT+3 ATT+1MA+1). Well, now I just talk to OmgHeyJake and just played GB dgs. Today was my worst day after all. Beside its Sunday, FORGOT! Have to go to school tomorrow!!! Now I just DGed with DexlessZack(My friend) (It was GB basically). Well, that’s it for today! Maybe I will be able to be lucky tomorrow. When its my lukiest day, im going to use gachapon that I got for 5000NX. Wish me Luk =P
    Prayer: I wish I could get my MTs hacked items back!
  3. ehw
    November 27, 2011
    Today was a really hard day playing drop game. My best friend JakeWakeUp and I were hanging around doing nothing. While we were talking some guy in a guild name IonlyLoot came and followed us. We were really creeped out because my mommy told me not to follow strangers. He was strange! He had a weird raccoon mask. His eyes were staring at me all the time that made me barf. Well, we finally ditched him after I got d/ced. Its 3pm Black Friday sale day. I bought a cash shop surprise for 900nx and I got a stupid magmaphone. I wrote. _______ is a stalker! Run away when u see him. Today was a really rough/hard day. Well see ya later Hidden Street!
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