1. Megadeus
    Google Iji or go to The Indie Game Database... it's freeware, and by Daniel Remar
    Give it a try.

    Anyways, I've beaten it in various styles of full-aggression mode (Maxed-Atk ASAP, Mass-weapon collector, Maxed-STR), and now I'm trying a Pacifist run.
  2. PhoenixRider
    I've never had the patience or the interest to try the game a second time for a different result.

    Tell me later how pacifist mode goes for you.
  3. DDrgn
    This game was pretty difficult. I only played through Normal and Hard difficulty though(No pacifist runs). That, and I unlocked that bonus sector.

    Good luck on the Pacifist run, looks really challenging that way.
  4. Megadeus
    Topic revive! The Pacifist run turned out really interesting, Phoenix. You get a few different scenes that play out really interestingly.

    @DDrgn: you found the game difficult on Normal?
  5. DDrgn
    Gratz on the Pacifist run.

    Oh no, Normal was by far much easier than Hard, lol. I had skill points to spend! I still died a couple of times, but not nearly as many times on Hard.

    Ages ago: http://www.hidden-street.net/news/20...ns-downloads-6

    Bonus Sector was really sweet though. :)
  6. Falkner
    What ever happened to the underside?
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