Irisu Syndrome - A Creepy Puzzle Game from Japan

  1. DDrgn
    Warning. Game may freak you out. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    It's a pretty good game though. It had a rabbit girl in it, so I thought "why not?"

    (Irisu is the rabbit girl)


    Press "o" at the title screen to view replays(auto saved after each play).
  2. DDrgn
    Get like colored shapes to touch. Score points.

    Use your mouse to control the game. Fire little white blocks to move the shapes. Left click for a "weak" move, right click for "strong" move. Clicking under the blocks at the bottom of the screen will shoot the shapes upward, top of the screen to drop shapes downward. Practice makes perfect!

    First option at the title screen is to play the game, second is story scenes, third are high scores. Left click to confirm, right click to cancel. Esc to quit game. Click the game title to change music.

    I had to use AppLocale to get the game to run.

    Different "endings" depending on how many points you score after the fifth "story scene" is shown.


    EDIT: Word count maximum fail.
  3. White Mage Abyss
    White Mage Abyss
    I've seen this game, it is creepy.
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