Ya know...

  1. FailFTW
    I was thinking of making a group like this but I already made The Group of Fail so I decided to not hog group leaderships.
  2. emailbox
    lololol Fail.
  3. StormBreaker
    lol fail...
  4. Masked King
    Masked King
    I still play maple for the main reason that I talk to guildies and friends and that I would maybe like to play evan if it ever comes out in GMS. Not for the mage or overpowered-ness, I just love dragons <3.
  5. FailFTW
    I like mages. Minus bishops.
  6. StormBreaker
    But...but...without bishops we have to use potions! Bitсhops are another story...
  7. SingingPancakes
    lol Bitсhops xD but i'd have to agree with the majority of ppl so Un-Epic Fail
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