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Thread: depressed...

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    Some "friend"
    040707 you will always be my thunder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ponyboy123
    for real are personal possions and money really what its all about anyway

    espiecally since your friends you would think he could look past it

    **** i would hand my friend 100 bux no questions asked if he said was in finacal trouble and needed it

    so tell him to think of the guitar as a bonus
    agreed....some friend.... :x

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    Well, I think it's just business, and you need to divide it from your friendship, so it's your friend's fault. Actually, relations between people can be pretty complicated, and such situations are pretty hard to get over. Once, I got so nervous that it even affected my joints, and I had to apply cream from this page to relieve this pain. But now I don't have any arguments with this friend, and our friendship has been lasting for more than 14 years already.

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