View Poll Results: Do You Ks Noobs?

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  • Yes because i just hate noobs

    3 3.30%
  • Yes if someone annoyes me (cc plz)

    28 30.77%
  • Sometimes if someone does something bad to me

    21 23.08%
  • Sometimes cause i feel like it

    9 9.89%
  • No, i never KS its wrong

    19 20.88%
  • I think you all should KS me. I deserve it.

    11 12.09%
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Thread: I Love Ksing N00bs

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    Quote Originally Posted by azn4anime
    Hey Inder you broke the rules too, remember? You were born. :shock:

    OK, WE HAVE A PLAN (penguins and other ppl >_>) IGNORE ASSHAT FROM NOW ON. U BETTAR NOT POST IN HIS THREADS. OR EVEN LOOKS AT IT. DONT ALLOW ANY VIEWS IN HIS THREADS. And then..... we wait..... So Dont post guys.
    lol you fools, youll never be able to that, not because i dont want you to because you cant yourselfs. you so obseesed you cant simply stop insulting me .

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    Sorry (again), for letting this go on for so long.

    Inderpaul, SHUT UP.

    I know a nice simple way to end all of this.

    *evil laugh*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vodka View Post
    I honestly think its an edit
    Quote Originally Posted by Cheez View Post
    your mom is an edit.

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