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  • Yes because i just hate noobs

    3 3.30%
  • Yes if someone annoyes me (cc plz)

    28 30.77%
  • Sometimes if someone does something bad to me

    21 23.08%
  • Sometimes cause i feel like it

    9 9.89%
  • No, i never KS its wrong

    19 20.88%
  • I think you all should KS me. I deserve it.

    11 12.09%
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Thread: I Love Ksing N00bs

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    I'm a grinder too =(

    *cuts wrist*

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    only when im training my cleric or dit and some1 trys to ks me then i get on my hermit and own them

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    And... once you ks them, what do you get out of it? You feel better inside?

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    Mushmom gweegee's Avatar
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    Apr 2006


    Not all lvl70+'s are necessarily grinders. Some of them may have merely played the game for a very long time, but in short short gaming sessions. (Something about that sentence doesn't look right, but you get my point.)

    And there has to be a feasible reason for hating noobs. Sure, they beg for mesos. Cure? Switch off your trade option. And while some noobs my "run and beg for mercy", there's always the odd few who have a much higher lvl character who just wanted to start a new one. They could easily make YOU run and beg for mercy along with multiple defames and reports for harrassments from them, their other characters and their friends.

    And yes, I admit to KS-ing..... UNINTENTIONAL KS-ing, that is.

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    Yeah, I've played this game for like god knows how long, so don't insinuate that I have no life. =(

    I'm guessing he hates noobs cause he has some kinda inferiority complex and likes to show off that he's better than them.

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    Slime Sinage4Life's Avatar
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    Up Yo Ass N Around Da Corna,And 8Miles Down =)


    Ill laugh my ass off when he gets ksed by a lvl 30 dexlesws sin with ilbis and best dexless gear equip and 15att w/g even though that would be nearly impossible(equipment wise)

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    How i feel when i read this topic can be cut down to three letters, LOL. I´ll go for the little longer version anyway...

    Since I´m a sin I autmatically ks(because of booster) and I´m damn fast to write sorry since i hate being ksed by some random person myself.

    What this kid(I highly suspect a kid behind the keyboard here) is doing is destroying the gaming experience for someone else. That my friends is called sadism and it`s kinda frowned upon in this society(but not in the maple community since there are so many kids).

    Just defame and report his ass so we´ll see less of him, thank you.
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    Sometimes I will, sometimes I'll actually help noobs gather stuff or whatever.

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    Blue bird of friendliness penguinzrock's Avatar
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    So I can go in game, and follow you around to steal your kills?! Awesome! I enjoy KSing people who KS innocent newbs, and as you said, it's a free game, and I'm entitled to do as I want.
    Hate is easy; love takes courage.
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    I hate people who show off. The lower the level of the braggart, the more I hate em. I bet your just a pathetic Lightning Mage.
    Julliant - Lv130 Bow Master of Bootes

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