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Thread: Quests that give scrolls guide!

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    Default Quests that give scrolls guide!

    Super-guide to quests that give Scrolls!

    *Applies only to Maple Global, so some quests might be missing*

    Hi all, well I've compiled this list based off the Hidden-street database. I think I found them all, but if you see one missing, please tell me so I can add it!

    Any quest that gives a scroll is listed, you are supposed to check out the database for requirements, and pre-requisites, this is just a guide to know what quest to do.

    If you decide to post this somewhere else, go ahead but at least credit me ok? :D "This guide was made by Satsumomo from" is enough!

    Level 20

    Pia and the blue mushroom

    10% or 60% or 100% for Top or Bottom or Helmet armor for DEF (Random)

    Red Dahlia
    60% for 1H Sword (Warrior)
    60% for shoes for SPEED (Thief)
    60% for gloves for DEX (Bowman)
    60% for shield for DEF (Magician)

    Level 25

    Korin's Memory
    60% Helmet DEF

    Sabitrama and the Diet Medicine
    10% or 60% Overall for DEF

    Level 30

    Jane and the Wild Boar
    60% for ATT for any weapon. (Random)

    The missing mechanical parts
    10% or 60% Shoe Jump or Speed (Random)

    Lisa's Special Medicine II
    60% Pet for Speed

    Food-Hunting For Moppie III
    60% Shoe for Speed

    The View Of The Ocean
    10% or 60% Shoe Jump or Speed (Random)

    Building Blackbull's House
    10% for any weapon depending on your class. (Selectable)

    POLLUTED! Curse eyes
    Part 1:
    60% Scroll for ATT of:
    Claw or Dagger or Spear or 2H Axe or Wand or Staff or Bow or Reindeer milk or Sunset Dew (Random)

    Part 2:
    60% or 100% for ATT of any weapon or
    60% of INT, STR, DEX or LUK for Cape or Reindeer Milk, Sunset Dew, Sunrise Dew or Elixir (Random)

    Level 31

    Terminating The Dark Force
    10% or 60% Overall for DEX, INT or LUK (Random)

    Hoony's Toothache
    60% Pet for Speed x 3

    Level 33

    A Delivery To A Lost Time
    60% for ATT for Any weapon (Selectable by class)

    Level 35

    Eos Tower Threatened!
    60% for ATT for Any weapon (Random)

    Rowen the Fairy And The Cursed Dolls (4th Round, 600 dolls)
    10% or 60% Glove Dex (Random)

    Protect Nero!
    10% or 60% Pet for Speed (Random)

    Level 36

    Subani's Legacy
    60% for Glove for ATT

    Level 40

    70% for Glove for ATT

    Peace At Eos Tower
    10% or 60% for Glove for ATT (Random)

    Alpha Platoon's Network of Communication
    10% or 60% Shoe Jump or Speed (Random)

    Jane the Alchemist [3]
    10% or 60% Glove ATT (Random)

    Shumi's Lost Sack Of Money
    60% or 100% Shoe for Speed

    To The New World
    60% for Glove for ATT or Any other weapon for ATT (Random)

    Level 45

    The History of Zeta Leticulan
    10% for ATT for Any weapon (Selectable by class)

    Level 52

    The Alligators At The Swamp(1)
    10% for ATT for Any weapon (Selectable by class)

    The Alligators At The Swamp(2)
    60% Cape for LUK, STR, INT or DEX (Selectable)
    Level 55

    Ready for Revival
    10% or 60% Shoe Dex, Jump or Speed (Random)

    Spiruna and the Black Crystal
    10% or 60% Shoes for DEX or Speed (Random)

    Level 60

    Scadur's New Fur Coat
    60% Overall for LUK, DEX ,INT or DEF D: (Random)

    Level 90

    The Blocked Ocean
    60% Cape for DEF

    Level 95

    Muse is cooking (Requires Nanuke's Ingredients)
    10% Glove for att

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    pia also gives a 60/10% helmet scroll (i got 2 60%'s) both failed though
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    No curse eyes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by masterchocobo
    No curse eyes?
    What do you mean? I added Pia giving Helmet scrolls and fixed Mopie's quest 3.

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    Bump, my guide rocks.

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    o.O, don't we have a database for this?

    Eh, I guess this is good for people that don't want to look for things.
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    pin this pl0x.

    very good thread. ty. <3
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    You're missing a scroll.. Level 60 - Scadur's New Fur Coat.. Not only is it for 60% INT, DEX, and LUK.. But you could get Overall Armor for Defense as well.

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