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Thread: *New/Improved* Where should I train?

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    Default *New/Improved* Where should I train?

    aight i know its rough around the edges but thats why thier is a sticky dicuess ask questions whatever

    but this is the basic outline for unfunded solo NORMAL dex build warriors

    Quote Originally Posted by ponyboy123

    heres the start i got about to lvl 60 and most of it goes by 5's until the end were its 10 lvls about at the same monster

    1-5 Snails (green blue red whatever you feel best at) ~on maple island do the little quests and kill snails you should OWN at this level compared to everybody else and snails have the best EXP to hp ratio

    6-14 slimes ~ i say get of maple island and head to ellina smack around some slimes they drop the lvl ten weapon of choice of most warriors so thier an all around good monster

    15-20 Pigs (both kinds)- your slash should be at least usefull so slapping around pigs at the beach should be no problem

    20-24 Green mushies ~ back to ellina and this might be a tougher training spot because i feel at some level EVERY character trains at green mushies that why you should only probally stay for 4 levels

    25-30 Zombie mushies or wild pigs **note1**~ you slash should be maxed and you should finnally feel like a warrior ...these are two very croweded spots though soo your going to need that confidence

    30-35 Fire pigs or evil eyes ~ both good exp but i feel like these are you hardest times as a warrior because the leveling seems to slow down but its just an awquard period were your skill and strengh are catching up

    35-40 little cats ~ most people say to stay here longer but i really don't like the maps and think that these are the most over rated monsters ever ...but if you feel different feel free to stay here till like 45ish

    41-45 Blocotopus and king blocopus ~thier drops and money blow BUT IM TELLING YOU the exp is A-MAZING these levels should blow by now that mastery is were you want it

    45-50 Block golems (both kinds and even a rombot every 45 mins if you want) **note2** ~ but the map outside rombot is the best spawn i feel pretty self explanitory just always remeber to carry enough pots to last you that far in deep maps

    50-55 jr yetis ~leveling begins to slow down again the exchange quest HELPS belive it or not save your skins get a nice pair of snow shoes and mob these creatures all day

    55-60 ~ different golems ~ whatever you feel right at im kinda partial to dark but mixed are aight and stone are way more reliable spawn (i would have suggested zombies around 58ish its good EXP but youll prolly be laughed at)

    60-70-zombies, fire drakes, buffies~ zombies have the best spawn of these but yeh again MOST CROWEDED MAP EVER fire drakes are nice but youll have to compete with all levels of mage ...thats why my suggestion of buffies in ludi are thier ...i like these creatures and think thier most decent exp for this level

    70-80 lucidias ,ZOMBIES zombies seem to be the best EXP HP ratio STILL at these levels soo stick it out im sure you got some new skills and just hang in thier

    80-90 Pirates or Death deadies (either kind whatever you feel better with) ~ the spawns are way good but in the early levels they still might be a challenge find a party if you can but if not your newest skills should be enough along with few extra pots to make this efficent training

    =\ stuck again ?? 90+ phanton watchs ?? help out yo ...even just genral vauge ideas or things youve heard the high levels say ...its all good

    **notes ...
    #1 kerning city PQ now i would never suggest you do this PQ its the most croweded and if you ask me the prizes blow but it is very good exp soo if can get in or if you get a lil bored of training this is the levels i suggest you hit up a PQ or 2

    #2 Ludi PQ ...with way better exp and now that your looked at as a aight character stock up on some eyedrops and get in thier IF YOU WANT TO i stil think training is faster because of the freakin waits but ludi PQ is deffinly worth it sometimes but as a warrior i didn't suggest it till about these levels cause really in all seriousness you cant hit the boss with out like a maple weapon or some serious dex equips and sniper pots
    ~<3 pony
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    a few comments:

    15-20: I trained on stumps(all kinds) in Perion

    21-24: I pqed and trained at pig beach.

    25-30:I pqed all the time

    31-34:I trained on regular boars. It's still too early to train on fire boars.

    35-47:I've pqed(then, I got bored and quit :? )

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    A few changes:

    1-9 should most likely be your quests. Pre-warriors are best at clearing everything in the Island compared to other pre-classes, so that should keep you occupied enough to level up to 8-10.

    10-14, after doable quests (and promotion), IMO should be Orange Mushroom. Though Slimes have lower HP, Orange Mushroom has no defense, possibly making them easier to kill at some points (depending on what you are equipped).

    20 should be your quests, if doable. It should occupy you for the duration so you don't have to do them later. If you want to do the quests later..I guess Pigs'll work.

    21-30 (if PQ'ing) should be PQ if you want the fastest result. PQ'ing in a crowded time and you won't be able to PQ as much, or not even at all. It is highly recommended that you do it at a deserted time zone, where there is less players in Maple. Besides, the lesser people, the higher demand of leaders wanting to invite any player (yes even warriors who can't hit the monsters until you get a good enough dexterity or scroll the death out of your equipment)....but not the useless lvl 21-30 beginners. :P

    = = =

    BTW, since I am not lvl 35 yet, how are warriors in the Ludi quest?

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    they suck

    <_< and ooo yeh i forgot all about PQ's ...cause i personally think thier a waste of time

    but thanks for the input ...and no way fire boars are perfect exp for lvl 30-35 sure itll cost you in pots BUT CAN YOU PUT A PRICE ON FAST EXPERIANCE

    thanks for the input guys
    ~*~ we don't stop playing because we get older ~*~
    *~* we get older because we stop playing *~*

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    Quote Originally Posted by ponyboy123 View Post
    they suck

    <_< and ooo yeh i forgot all about PQ's ...cause i personally think thier a waste of time

    but thanks for the input ...and no way fire boars are perfect exp for lvl 30-35 sure itll cost you in pots BUT CAN YOU PUT A PRICE ON FAST EXPERIANCE

    thanks for the input guys
    amen to the bold part :P
    most ppl think that PQ is fast lvling but i also think its a waste of time since it takes WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to long to finally get in PQ and then after 1 run you have to wait again.....

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    Currently lvl 99 (lvling roughly 3-5 times a day) Dragon Knight.
    I am in a new server, so we have some wonderful restricitons.
    I cannot find a priest willing to Tengu dodge (no tengu killers yet), so Himes are out.
    I cannot find a Gallops ch unless one of my more "obsessed" friends gives up their map.

    My accuracy (with pill and 6/108 FF) is 98, with my accuracy gloves it is 105.
    My accuracy (with pill and 3/89 Karstan) is 133, with my accuracy gloves it is 140.

    I have max Spear Crusher, 1 Spear Fury, Max PA Fury, lvl 24 Roar (and 3 sacrifice)

    Currently, I am going back and forth between the Kent mini dungeon with Crusher, and WS with PA Fury (for mesos).
    I just bought a 10 day 2x exp and drop card, so money won't be such a problem any longer.

    WS is getting VERY slow, Kents is slowing down. When I manage to train with my bishop friends at Gallops, I will obviously do that, but otherwise, where should I train? I want to try Gobies, but I am not sure if it is really worthwhile. Any suggestions?


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    Get this going a little bit longer and I'll make it the new training sticky. I know that most of them need to be redone anyway (since new areas have been released and stuff).

    PM me if this reaches a couple pages of good suggestions. I'll even clean it up a bit (delete spam posts, etc.) if need be. :)

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    I honestly think its an edit
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    sweetness pony finnally gets a sticky

    <_< if you guys help ...C'MON YO anysuggestion is cool

    ESPICALLY FOR 70+ i know thiers a few of you guys out thier

    >_> and thiers like 50 views on this topic and 4 posts

    ~*~ we don't stop playing because we get older ~*~
    *~* we get older because we stop playing *~*

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    Can u add in sometips on Monster Carnival?

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