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Thread: WHen i start maple story, game guard starts, but not maple

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    Default WHen i start maple story, game guard starts, but not maple

    I start maple and gameguard comes up along with teh popup that says unable to connect to the server. SO far i've:
    1. Rebooted my computer many times
    2. Re-installed maple 5 times
    3. changed firewall settings to allow maplestory.

    can ANYONE plz help me? it worked fiune the first day of patch but then nuthin...

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    Were you connected to the net at THAT time :o

    Was there a server check at that time??

    Also what version do you play, I heard MSea has some problems.

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    i use GMS and yes i was connected, i am connected to the internet now and typing this... T.T cant play maple :cry:

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    Delete the gamegaurd folder then run maple.

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