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    I just made it to lvl 48 as a Cleric, and as some of you know that means NEW STUFF FINALLY!!! So my question is, I have a nice NEW CLEAN Dark CALAS and was curious as to your advice on how to scroll the thing. I did a good job with my Red Starlight, I had 3 or 4 10% scrolls for DEF take. But, I am looking for more. Do I do the same thing and CHANCE it, problem is that I am stuck with this stuff for another 10 levels. Looking for advice.

    Also, is using a Stimulator worth it? I have the stuff to make a Cromi, and have purchased a STIM on Basil, but have never done it before. Bear in mind that I am using a Maple Lama Staff already with a MA of 73. I didnt scroll it out but I do like the HP and MP boost.

    Thanks for reading!
    My Goal List:
    - Level 30 - Become Cleric - DONE!
    - Level 70 - Become Priest - DONE!
    - Buy NX - DONE Lots of times!
    - Get to 100mil - DONE!
    - Get to 200mil - DONE!
    - Get to 300mil
    - 50 Fame - DONE!
    - 100 Fame - DONE!
    - 200 Fame

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    Don't scroll your overalls unless you are doing it for INT. I'd suggest you just buy a cromi.
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    I like gambling, go and Stim the Cromi, hey if you fail badly, just use the Lama. But if it is a raging success, then use the Cromi. But scroll your robe with 60%, better chance, but if you want the HP boost, good luck with the 10%'s :D

    But like torris said, you shouldn't scroll with def, but if you want to do it, then do it.

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    Well If you wanna gamble its all up to you buddy

    Know this i wasted 4 60% scrolls and 1 10% scroll on a MA66 Cromi, NONE WORKED. And when i tried a 70%, BOOMER.

    So I'd suggest if you got cash to buy pre scrolled ones. But its only a suggestion. Its really up to you.

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    buy 100 cromis, then buy 100 10% scrolls. after getting the cromis that worked with the 10%'s (lets say 10 for example) then use those 10 cromis with 60 60% scrolls and then use your best one =P. but you need alot of money first to do this.

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    Personally, I don't think you should scroll your Calas. Make the Cromi using the Stim, but with a Lama staff w/ 73 MAtk, I don't think the Cromi will be any better.

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    Dice lolz~~

    Are there anyways of scrolling equips? Last time i called my fren to help me scroll a codar, this was what happened:

    1st 70% Passed :)
    2nd 70% Passed :)
    3rd 60% passed again!!! XD
    4th 60% passed!! WOOTs
    5th 60% PASS!!!!!
    6th 60% miss... aww!!
    7th 60% PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SO it became ma 121 + x int magicodar...

    And by the way, my fren scrolled it a chnl 20 rm 3 for all the scrolls.. so if you wanna scroll something, go there. :)

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    Why dont you just try scrolling the lama staff?
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