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Thread: weed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arrawrawr
    let's add on to this argument. do you folks think making marijuana legal would do the world any good?
    Not unless it's use has a more or less acceptable place in society. In other words, would this country be mature enough to handle legalized Marijuana? Alcohol is legal, taxed, and causes more deaths than any illegal **** out there. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2005 records show 16,694 fatalities in alcohol-related crashes during 2004. Technically, confirmed "under the influence of marijuana" related deaths are usually under a 100 per year (Not including arrests for mere possession and deaths of the result of gang **** turf wars of course).Yet there's hardly a massive movement to ban alchohol. Marijuana can be legalized if the public is responsible and ready for it and that does not mean behaviors of "If it was legal, I'll stay high all the time until they throw me out of the weed bar" kind of thing. Prostititution is legal in some countries, but it doesn't mean that the profession is looked upon as high pillars of society.

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    Hi. I saw this topic and although many years have passed, but I can add that the topic of treatment with cannabidiol is very relevant now. Simply because taking cbd products is very useful and safe, unlike smoking weed, so I recommend everyone to pay attention to this worthy offer for buying cbd capsules here

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    Why do you think that smoking weed is unhealthy? I believe that it has the same benefits as taking CBD products.

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    Well, I can't say that smoking weed is as healthy as CBD products because when you take CBD oil, you don't feel intoxicated. CBD products from BlessedCBD don't have psychoactive effect, and that's why I prefer to take them instead of smoking cannabis, and I think you should try CBD oil just to understand whether it's for you or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Streetnewbie View Post
    Why do you think that smoking weed is unhealthy? I believe that it has the same benefits as taking CBD products.
    Because it is harmful for your lungs. Like and other ways of smoking. So better will be to take a little cbd to relax or get similar effect.

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    The cannabis industry has grown exponentially since legalization hit. In the midst of the excitement, new CBD brands are popping up more than ever before, making it difficult for consumers to find the best CBD brand for their needs. As such, find out which companies have made the list of 5 Best CBD Brands of 2021 .

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    I don't really understand what's wrong with cannabis and how you can wish a stranger something tragic. It's horrible. For example, I generally like to grow cannabis at home after reading this article about autoflowering seeds. And I sometimes smoke weed, which helps me sleep better at night and not wake up in a cold sweat at 4 in the morning.

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    CBD is great, I think it is amazing that it helps losing weight... I also take some cool FDA Approved Weight Loss Medications though which is pretty good for it too, maybe you will find it helpful to you, check it out ;)

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