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Thread: Help on slain scrolling

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    Default Help on slain scrolling

    So should i scroll a dark slain with 60%s?

    A guy offered me 35att for 3.2m so i dunno which is more beneficial

    i have a moderate amount of money =\

    can someone also tell me the prices for like 36, 37, 38 att? ty and good night =]

    Scania btw

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    It depends on how much claw scrolls are on your server.. If it's really expensive then I'd get the 35attk claw..

    Let's just say Scania's claw scrolls are 2mil each.. 7 of those will cost you around 14mil AND scrolling is risky.. you might even end up doing badly.. either way.. a 35attk for 3.2mil is very beneficial for you.. I would get it. Remember, you dont keep lvl 50 claws forever. Save the mesos for Gigantics and Scarabs. These will be expensive.

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