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Thread: The "Official" Introduce Yourself Thread

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    Jun 2020


    Hello first post. Hope you are all staying safe vs. the COVID.
    Welcome To Michigan for You

    The best stories, sites and fun from around the Great Lakes State. VISIT >>> Michigan4You

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    Olá o/ Estou curtindo esse forum

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    Hello My name is Co2chad and i really would like SOMEONE to criticize my music so that i can either improve or just continue my ways. Thank you whoever is not a robot
    Welcome To CO2 CHAD Official YouTube Channel

    CO2CHAD - America The Whore (Official Video)

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    Hello, Today is my first day. :)

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    Hi Timothy, welcome to the boards!

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    Hello everyone my name is Michael I am 25 years old I am a naturalist photographer, I love to watch birds and play games.I hope to find friends here.

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    Visiting one of the havelis of the city I started to take a picture of the facade, suddenly I hear a mysterious sound of water and I start to feel something splashing on my legs. For more details: it was over 40 degrees and it was very hot.
    I thought: how cool, a little cool water. Anyway, I turn around and find myself face to face with the ass of a giant cow that was having a good time taking a piss and of course, the water was not water but piss ....

    Hello, I have a Minecraft blog in Portuguese, and I would like to say hello to everyone and thank you for letting me be part of the group!!!!.

    Kisses! :frio:

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    Hi, Michael, welcome to this idle forum! Pun intended.

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    Hi to all.Have a nice day

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    Hi everyone

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