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Thread: Video editing help

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    Default Video editing help

    Dunno if this should go here, but meh.

    So I just found out that my computer has the delightful VirtualDub video editing software installed on it. Whoopee oh yay now I can make films.


    Problem is VirtualDub's internal help file is like reading the bible in Swahili. And any online tutorials I've found are jargon central.

    Has anyone used Vdub to make movies before and if so, could you point me in the direction of an idiot's guide to it?

    I use Fraps for my capture software (best one I've found) and basically what I want to do is string a load of clips of my guild together (I can put the clips together, i'm not a total nub) and put a song over it.

    Vdub very unhelpful. You guys help me, yeah?
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    i would like to but i don't use virtualdub or have ever used it

    i can help you in any problems with windows movie maker or adobe premiere though :?

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    Vurtual wah...? :?

    Well mine had Showbiz installed wich allows video editing and DVD making
    (wich i dont know how to use yet) but I figured it out by myself, try small projects and play with things around the program, thats all i can help with...

    Sorry if it isn't helpful

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    1 word expirement <<< did i spell it right? lol
    and i agree... virtuawhat
    and it seems just like...a slideshow?

    BYE DSH ILY <3 *kissy kissy*

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    If you are a blogger and you need to edit simple videos then take a look at the resource . There you will find 10 best applications where you can edit videos and overlay music without watermarks. I think that you will definitely like some of the 10 programs
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    Movie maker is my best friend.

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