Well, OK. I think it's about time I updated the first page. Basically, for you people who've never been to this thread, this is THE place to get your signature/avatar rated and commented. Don't fill up the fanarts section with "Rate mai sigz plis" or "av gud ja?" or any other bullcrap like that :P. It's been *almost*2 years since I first created this topic. During this time we've seen some great works of art and some...questionable ones :P. Don't be shy about posting your work here as it's a no-flame, constructive-critisism only zone. Any people flaming other people's work without a serious reason will be reported by me :).

There is only 2 main rules for this thread.

1. If you're going to rate, accompany it with some pointers/helpful tips on how to improve their signatures/avatars

2. Strictly no-flame zone. It's basically a "you flame, you die" zone. I won't tolerate people ripping into new artists work just because they are less experienced than some.

At the moment we need to pretty up this topic so PM me or place a comment in the thread about whose work you think is deserving to be the main page to help advertise this thread. Serious suggestions only and you can't vote for your own work.

Cheers guys, keep the thread alive.


Oh yeah, mods and admins, feel free to throw a sticky our way :) This thread IS still alive.