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Thread: Orbis PQ Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by CorbsterZX View Post
    They made papa alot easier, he deals around 600-700 dmg.

    They need to increase the EXP per stg and per monsters in Orbis PQ to bring back people.

    This is one of the best ideas I've heard yet

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    Default How to:DARK ROOM ??????

    Does anybody know how to get into the dark room where you hunt for diary pages!?!?

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    To above poster: The second platform the time you enter the room. Leader must enter first in order to get inside.
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    Default Jail Fail

    When my friends and I tried to do the jail, for some reason, i could see the lucidas getting hit by the spikes but now numbers came up on top of them. We stayed there for about 4 minutes and the kitties still weren't dying. Do you have to finish the enitre pq before you do the jail, or is it just glitched right now?

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    It's still glitched at the moment. It's been more than 6 months since I filed a complaint about this. They gave me a typical auto message.
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