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Thread: Orbis PQ Guide

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    Ticket2 Orbis PQ Guide

    ORBIS PQ By: TheOtherDay5

    Lvl 51 - 70 (Need Max Haste, Teleport) 6 party members

    **If you have at least one member of each job (warrior, bowman, magician, thief) then you get wonky's blessing, which gives you 50 wep def and mag def OR 30 weapon and magic att OR speed and jump OR 30 accuracy and 30 avoidability

    First of all, to get there, go to the entrance of Orbis Tower from Orbis and go to the far right portal.

    This is basically the first stage of the pq. Hit the small clouds and collect the cloud pieces that it drops. COLLECT 20. Give them to your leader and then the leader should drop all 20 cloud pieces on the glowing ball in the middle next to the fat guy. A cloud will then appear, have the leader click it and it will teleport you up to the tower.

    <Center Tower>
    This is the main room that leads to all the other stages. There are 4 Jr. Boogies that have a lot of hp and avoidability. You don't need to kill them but they can be annoying because they knock you down.

    ***From this point until the boss, you can do the stages in any order***

    This stage is a mini jump quest. There are 7 boxes at the top and you need to jump and get the right color record from the boxes according to what day it is.
    Friday-Light Blue

    Drop the record on the music player in the middle.
    When the music changes, have the leader click the cloud NPC.

    Then a box will spawn next to the cloud NPC, hit it and have the leader collect the piece it drops.

    <Sealed Room>
    This is a combination stage, just like Stage 8 of Ludi pq, but if you know what you're doing, it is MUCH easier. There are 3 platforms in which 5 people have to stand. (more than 1 person can stand on 1 platform)

    This is my method:

    **Left (/) means the cloud says ALL WEIGH DIFFERENT
    **Right (\) means the cloud says ALL 1 WEIGH SAME

    *Note that it is not always the last one

    After you get the right combo, leader goes to the top and hits the box to collect the piece.


    There are 4 portals where you go in and get 10 rocks each portal.

    The first one (the most bottom one) is a dark room where you can only see a few inches around you and most platforms are not visible.

    The second portal contains Cellions which you have to kill. These have a weapon defense up where all weapon attacks do 1's.

    The third portal contains Grupins which you have to kill. These have a magic defense up where all magic attacks do 1's.

    The last portal contains Lioners which you have to kill. These are kind of like the monsters in stage 4 of Ludi pq where they disappear and reappear. You can only hit them when they're visible.

    Give all the rocks to the leader and have him/her click the cloud NPC. He/She will get another statue piece.


    In this map (which is a big long rope with ledges), you have to kill Cellions that appear one at a time on every ledge. The easiest way to do this is to split your party up and you each get a couple or so of ledges.

    *Most people think that the Cellions respawn randomly. They don't. It is always in a certain order.

    After you kill the last Cellion, it will drop another statue piece. Give it to the leader and have him/her click the cloud NPC.


    Basically, just a killing stage. There are 6 platforms in total with star, lunar, and luster pixies. Kill all of them and collect the rock pieces.

    *Note: After you kill a pixie, a ghost pixie will spawn, which deals around 300 touch damage and 900 magic damage. It isn't necessary to kill them and they die out on their own after a while.

    After you collect all the rocks, give them to your leader and have him/her click the cloud NPC and he/she should receive another statue piece.

    <On the Way Up>

    This stage is basically like Ludi pq 6th stage with 4 platforms instead of 3. But, the sequence changes every pq. Have the leader wait next to the cloud NPC as he/she will have to click while the other members go up.
    You basically have to guess. o.O
    Whenever you find a right platform, mark it with something (10 mesos, monster card, etc)

    When you make your way to the top, there are 5 levers. You need 2 of them down to find the right combo
    There is 2 ways to do it.
    Another way that most people do is have each person stand at a lever and randomly whack it while the leader mass clicks. This might take awhile depending on your luck, but usually it is fast

    If you're doing the first method, an easy way is to type "c" to tell when the leader to click and then the leader says "x" to show that it is wrong.

    When you get the combination correct, a box will spawn next to the cloud NPC. Hit it and have the leader get the last statue piece.

    <Back to Center Tower>

    After you have all 6 statue pieces you need to go to the statue and restore it. You need to put the pieces in the right place. (Look at the shape)

    After you restore the statue, have to leader click the cloud NPC and you will all be transported into the boss stage.

    <Garden> (Boss Stage)

    Now it's time to kill papa pixie. Click Here For Papa Pixie Info

    But first you need to kill nependeaths and collect their seeds.
    Drop one seed in each empty pot until it summons a DARK nependeath. Killing it summons papa pixie, so warn your party members before you kill it.

    Note about papa pixie:
    It can deal around 1.4k damage.
    It summons star, lunar, and luster pixies, which turns into ghosts after you kill.
    It can DISPEL your skills. (This is especially bad for mages because they need magic guard to survive.)

    After you kill papa pixie, collect the seed it drops, and try to find the right pot to plant it in. When you do, hit the leaf until it drops GRASS OF LIFE. Have they leader get it and go back to the center tower. Drop the grass of life on the statue (THE MIDDLE, not the bottom [where the angel is])
    and Minerva will come to life. Talk to Minerva to go to the bonus stage.

    <Treasure Storage>
    Basically, the same as Ludi pq bonus.

    <Blessing of Goddess>
    Basically, the same as Determine to Adventure in Ludi pq.

    These are only SOME of the prizes:
    -Various 60% and 10% scrolls
    -Potions (Mana Elixir, Elixir, Pure Water, Unagi, Blue Potions, White Potions, Power Elixir etc.)
    -Magic Cape (All colors)
    -Pink Flowered Earrings
    -Metal Silver Earrings
    -Gold Drop Earrings

    <EXP> *Credit to Horusmaster
    Entrance - 6k (4.2k if you already finished)
    Other Stages - 7.5k (5250 if you already finished)
    Boss Stage - None
    To Bonus - 16099
    *This does not include monsters that you've killed

    ************************************************** **********************
    Please leave any suggestions, comments, and corrections.
    Thanks for using this guide :p

    ****More Pictures Comingss
    The other day I saw a bear a great big bear a way up there I looked at him he looked at me I sized him up he sized up me and then he said you'd better run I see you ain't got any gun and so I ran away from there but right behind me was that bear and up ahead I saw a tree a great big tree oh glory be and so I jumped into the air but I missed that branch a way up there I heard a crack I heard a crunch that great big bear had me for lunch...


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    Very nice! I'll be sure to refer to this when I'm a high enough lvl to PQ. I think this deserves a sticky...
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    OMG this will help alot

    i am a noob no more~

    thanks much for the good guide <3
    <3 you all.:D
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    Bump, this is very useful.

    Can a mod please sticky this in the hunting ground section?

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    Default very nice guide!

    don't forget to put exps for each stage

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    Moved and stickied. If you can, EXP givin in each stage would be most helpful.
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    maybe you should contact a hiddenstreet guild member and ask them to post the pq on the site. it'd be a good idea to show the exp, i agree. another idea would be to upload a video showing how you did it.

    EDIT: is it for maplesea also?

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    how come GPQ wasn't stickied o.O

    nice guild too dude :D
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    This gets a sticky but not my Guild Quest Guide :( WAAAA~

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    exp: (if u already complete the whole pq once)
    entrance: 6k (4.2k)
    boss stg: no exp
    bonus: 23k? (16099)
    all other stages: 7.5k (5250)

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