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Thread: GameGuard Error Fixes

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    Default GameGuard Error Fixes

    Fixes to most gameguard problems. Credits to the guy at CEF.

    Error 110
    Nprotect has already been loaded, hit alt+ctrl+del or ctrl+shift+esc to open the task manager, open processes and end proces of trose.exe and GameMon.des.

    Error 112
    Please be sure your PC is free of viruses, and that sufficient memory is available. You may wish to make sure your virus scanning program is up-to-date and functioning properly, and that you do not have too many other open programs.

    Error 115
    Game has been executed multiple times, or GameGuard is already running. Close the game and restart.

    Error 120, 124, 141, 142, 150, 153
    Your installation of NProtect is either incomplete or damaged. Please delete the GameGuard folder and repatch MapleStory, or try clicking on the [Check Files] button.

    Error 155
    This means that you have a serious virus or Hard disk corruption. Try restoring it via

    Error 170
    Delete the GameGuard folder and run the patch program again.

    Error 230
    The other fix is to just uninstall MS completely and reinstall it.

    Error 340
    1. Click on Start
    2. Click on run
    3. Type c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc and click ok
    4. Delete ''Hosts'' file.

    Error 350
    The NProtect patcher was cancelled. Restart Maplestory.

    Error 360
    Be sure that your firewall is exepting Maplestory or delete the GameGuard folder and run the patch program again.

    Error 361
    Check if you are authorized to use internet and check if your Internet is working right or not. If that doesn't work just re-Download Game guard.

    Hope this helps.

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    Stolen from CEF, but thanks anyway.
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    What this guy said (Read Error 340) that's what he told me to do. But he sent me a new hosts file, quite big!

    Thank you cool guy for helping us with the error problems.

    Jed, if all this information is correct (my problem is correct) I think this should be stickyed!!!

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    I didn't write this, don't give me credit.

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    What's CEF?

    Well, still sticky it and give credit to him...

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    I didn't give you credit.

    It was copied and pasted from *removed for obvious reasons* (CEF).

    I guess you should sticky it, they all work.

    Edit: At least he gave credits to the CEF guy :B


    JED WAZ ERE!!! hehe
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    Yeah, okay. I don't care who hacks and who doesn't, but I will have ZERO referances to any form of support in these forums. Linking to them, discussing them past anything other than "vac hack" and "botting", names of places/people to get them off will all be seen as the same deal. All your little "ABC hax" comments where you attcually provide the name of the hack? Don't do it. CEF? Don't ever want to hear it again. This site fully supports the tos of maplestory, and as such will not tollerate anything against it, in any form.

    Enjoy your warning gentlemen.

    This will not be sitcked because I refuse to do so without giving credit to the right parties, and that would break the above ruling.

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    Anyone that knows how to fix error 360 with Norman Personal Firewall?
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    Default help =/

    i need a link where to download gameguard for gunz but i need a link plzz
    send me one pleasee! umm thanks for ur time and help cause im stuck on error 120

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    Not only did you bump a 2 year old thread but maple doesn't even use gameguard anymore.

    If GG works in other games like it did maple it will be installed upon game install. Reinstall gunz?

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