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    i'm a windian, if you wanna add me, my ign is chooci4
    i can help you with some stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by whendoom View Post
    welcome to the forum. I'm surprise blazing didn't try to recruit you for the windia branch of the hs guild. Check out Orbis station in the forum if you wanna meet ppl in game.
    I've seen a couple HS people around yesterday :P. I'll have to check that out then, cause just sitting around trying to socialize doesn't seem to work, only get beggars. Although it is fun to sit and watch them insult each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenixjoe View Post
    Pyrofyr: you said ''Sins, are always fun if you like to jump around and are 12 years old I suppose.'' thats not nice to say since im 12 years old and i have never been adictet to sins :( argh
    It's also not nice because my friend who has a sin is 15 years old. I forgive you however, because you are the Pyrofyr and you're Scainian, we're cool like that here.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy being a bowman, but there is something you should know. If you didn't put your SP on the right skills, or your AP on the right stats, you should start over.

    I'm not saying that there is no room for flexability there, but puting certain points on certain skills will greatly help you in the future. I suggest searching the Bowman section of HiddenStreet to find out more. If it is better for you to start a new character, do not worry. Most beginners think that starting a new character means all of your work is ruined. Well, my friend who had a level 35 Fighter deleted that character and started over (I also deleted a level 32 sin, and I got there using subis and a garnier.) , and back in '05 everything was way more expensive, especially for beginners. Now we are very happy with our characters.

    Moral of this story: Welcome to HS and please enjoy your stay! Oh, and also choose your skills wisely.

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    Oh yeah, I found several bowman FAQS before I started playing one, so that I didn't waste my points :D! Right now at lvl 20 I have um 65 dex and 25 str I believe and I just maxed critical shot :D! Before I hit lvl 10 I spent a couple hours researching different classes online because I noticed once assigned you had to pay to redo points and I didn't want to screw up xD!

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    that's very smart of you madame :D continue the good work and i know someday you'll be our pride and joy :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenOfTheDesert View Post
    that's very smart of you madame :D continue the good work and i know someday you'll be our pride and joy :)
    Yes, and then when Mme Fyxie is really powerful, we can use her as a puppet and bend her to our will! WORLD DOMINATION!

    But pretend you didn't see that. Well you seem smart, have a good day!

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    hey,Maple is the Best Game EBA!......Anyways.I started with a magician.But now im a Archer[Archers RULE!]I suggest u keep on playing and force urself to play sometimes when u dont wanna play ur archer.then ull get ultr strong.

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