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Thread: Useful Fanfic Materials

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    The 300 ways to say said link blew up, but a simple google search should work.

    Like this result.
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    I've been reading this book, and I realized that staying with "said" is the best thing you can do.

    Quote Originally Posted by How Not to Write a Novel, p. 132-133
    Published authors use the word "said almost exclusively when they wish to indicate that a particular character is saying something. "Said" is a convention so firmly established that readers for the most part do not even see it. This helps to make the dialogue realistic by keeping its superstructure invisible.


    The only thing any of this does, though, is draw attention to the unconventional verb, which reminds the reader that there is an author, who is struggling mightily to avoid the word "said."

    There are of course exceptions [...] [b]ut spicing things up with "importuned," "vociferated," or "clamored" will sabotage any attempt to make conversation sound real.
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