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Thread: Welcome to our Perm Beginner Forum

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    Default Beginner in EMS

    Hey all I'm a Beginner in EMS named I3eginner. Level 26, and still leveling fast. Hope to talk to you all and wondered if there any other perma-beginners here from EMs. many thanks.:)

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    Default mardia

    I just started my perma-noob in Mardia a few days ago

    got him to lvl 17 and doing some neat dmg

    IxAmxAhab lvl 17 Beginner in Mardia

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    I have a lvl 3x beginner in Kradia. He isn't an islander.
    His name is Animadori.

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    I am level 73 now ;D Only Beginner in Bellocan to train myself all these levels. Except for ABeginnerWTF, but he quit, sadly =[

    Only Aasinsilta left above me, 2 more levels and I will beat the leeching Beginner u.u..

    Felt like I had to rant about something here xD The beginner forum is really dead nowadays :x
    Guess who's back!
    4kuHe1 - PA Spearman | virginity - Noblesse

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    HI. I just joined this forum so hi. I'm currently making a perma Beginner (level 17 atm) and I'm wondering if it's worth getting a Frozen Tuna. I've read in a guide that its good, but I've also read in forums that it's not worth it. It would be great if people gave their opinion on it.

    Also, how much is a sake bottle? :)

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    beginner stats is like warrior? i mean should i concentrate all on str and buy all dex eq?

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    Do what is it you want. New formula applies. Level = Your accuracy.

    Also, this thread is 2 years old.
    I'm Retired.

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    Oh k. That was cool. I thought that beginner perm was for someone who might be new to the forum :). Well i apologize about the mistake :). I am at level 1 and just started. I used to be on my surfboard until my search for a game would end. Now if yu would give me some tips or suggestions, that might be useful for the beginner.

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