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Thread: Beginner Abilities

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    Xd begginers really suck almost permenatly but once they can do some real damage,thats when it gets good.

    other than the fact that they dont lose EXP when they die...

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    Quote Originally Posted by masterchocobo View Post
    I heard it was fixed to stop the little newbies from leeching at Grim Watches.
    Yes, it was fixed. The noobs leached off the f/p mages who poisoned the whole map. I've also seen noobs leach off MM. The video is somewhere on youtube, if it wasn't removed. This guy fought MM, but died. The noob snailed 'em, got the exp+money. At least he didn't get a set of Ibli or something. The guy would have committed suicide...

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    I thought the Snail Shell was fixed AGES ago!

    I heard about rumors that Nexon is releasing new beginner skill now but is it true??
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    Yea i heard something like that to. I don't really think it would be fair thou as most are well past beginner and wouldn't get the skill. Its probaly pretty useless

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    Default the new skill

    I heard the new skill was monster rider but I've never seen it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Depressio View Post
    For those of you who have permabeginners, I have a question. You have three [pretty bad] abilities throughout your entire game. Two of them could be useful, if not for the horrendously high delay between use for such below average skills, and the other can do a maximum of 40 damage. Which abilities are the most useful, and how would the be useful in training?

    As stated. The hurling snails is the best skill for a Beginner until the 'Onion Knight' advancement. You might only be at a constant 40 damage per shell, but it shoots in an average speed and you can hold 1000 snail shells in one holder out of sixteen? It's a good way to go if you're training at places where you got just the underneath level of Accuracy. And collecting them isn't hard either..
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