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    Quote Originally Posted by masterchocobo View Post
    o rly? ill make a new career den n use muscle-modifying and/or 3rd party roids! ha
    NU! I use teh name ban, so all ur name r ban't hahaha! all ur zergrush r belawng 2 me.
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    well phoenix opinions are opinions.

    but the only books that really count are the record books, and that's where bonds is at right now.
    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixRider View Post
    wow, your an idiot

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    Meh... I've heard about this guy on the news. And if he's broken the rules by taking steroids, then, quite frankly, his "record" shouldn't mean a damn thing. Sure, steroids don't automatically give someone superhuman skill, but rules are rules. It sounds to me like the *insert acronym for national baseball league here* is treating the rules of the game like the Bush administration has treated the Constitution...
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    I don't really get baseball, although, in every sport you get PWNed if you take steriods and someone finds out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KindaMaybe View Post
    It will still take another 6-7 years, unless he has a couple 60+ HR seasons.

    And everyone, dont be haters just because he's more famous then any of you will be. I personally have been a Bonds fan since he was first on the Giants, so i was happy to see this. I understand that people think he's a cheater, but face it, his record will stand, and he will be in the Hall of Fame in a matter of years.
    all i can say is thank you you cant believe everything you hear on t.v. and thats why i dont think he used roids
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omedius View Post
    all i can say is thank you you cant believe everything you hear on t.v. and thats why i dont think he used roids
    Oh...well i think he used steroids. I just like Barry Bonds still, ive liked him as long as he's been on the Giants(before the steroid stuff) But yeah, if you watch games from a long time ago, he was so small, now he is huge, and his voice is very high pitched(i dunno if that means anything, but its weird)
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