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    Alright so here goes. I've always liked beginners and I've had more than a few, but lately I've been wanting to try some jobbed beginners, I have a str mage already and thats going pretty well but I wanted to try a woodsmen, but alas I cannot find a guide or really anything other than "use a bow for knockback and get buff your accuracy" I need something more detailed or at least some help with AP assignment

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    I'm not certain what you're attempting to do. DEX is the most beneficial stat to Archers, raises minimum and maximum damage and accuracy, STR increases damage as well, but less than DEX of course, INT has no effect, and LUK only decreases the amount of EXP you lose after dying. Other than a strength bowmen (which means much less damage, but more stable), there's not much you can do with the archer class in terms of novelty builds.

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    What is a Woodsmen?

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    Woodsman = Perma begginer that is a Bowman. They dont shoot. They just take advantage of the acc.

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    Default Just a beginner...

    Well a woodsman is a jobbed beginner.A jobbed beginner is a beginner that takes advantage of a class a woodsman is just a beginner with bowman will only need 25 DEX so you can get the first job and the rest you put into will only need DEX to fight other monsters but not to can try adding twice DEX as you characters level or 4 STR and 1 DEX or 1STR and 2DEX.Your starting stats should be
    STR #
    DEX #
    INT 4
    LUK 4/5

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    Scroll an Arc Staff 7 times with 60%M.Atk Scrolls
    Get an Esther Shield(DONE)
    Get an Icarus Cape(DONE)
    Make 10 mil.(DONE)
    get to level 40(DONE)
    get to level 45
    get to level 50
    get to level 60
    get to level 70
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