So lately people have forgotten how to use Hot Sands, a lot of the people are newer, and we've never had a sticky here explaining the rules, so here they are!

1. Feel free to call someone out on their behavior/posting, and use examples, do not just scream, 'You are the phail!"
2. Don't post to a thread unless you have something specific to contribute. If you agree or disagree, explain why, without the need to scream, 'Ban! Ban!"
3. Don't go off on your own conversation (witty though you think it may be) in a thread. Spam is NOT the way to close off a thread. PM if you want to chat, or post in the chat thread. You are not the majestic 'thread killer' you think you are.
4. Remember to think for yourself. There is no need to make a post agreeing with someone just because you think they're cool.(This one isn't really a rule, rather a piece of advice)
These first four rules were contributed by the member Raen.
5. This kinda goes along with rule 3, but puhlease, if a thread is dead, just let it be dead, dont spam until it is to be locked.
6. This section is for ranting about specific people of the forum, not for regular rants, those belong in An Empty House.
7. Dont make thread about yourselves...thats just annoying.
There will probably be more rules, but for now, this is good.