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Thread: Camper Calculator

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    Clover Camper Calculator

    This table tells you how many monsters you have to kill to make a level.I only made it to level 20 because i don't think any camper will make it to level 20.
    Definition of Camper : A Camper is a character that stays in the tutorial area for life.The only monsters he can fight are the Tutorial Leety and the Tutorial Drumming Bunny.The monsters only give 1 EXP.(Not to be confused with an Islander)
    Level | Monsters to Kill
    Lvl 1 --- 15
    Lvl 2 --- 34
    Lvl 3 --- 57
    Lvl 4 --- 92
    Lvl 5 --- 135
    Lvl 6 --- 372
    Lvl 7 --- 560
    Lvl 8 --- 840
    Lvl 9 --- 1242
    Lvl 10 --- 1716
    Lvl 11 --- 2360
    Lvl 12 --- 3216
    Lvl 13 --- 4200
    Lvl 14 --- 5460
    Lvl 15 --- 7050
    Lvl 16 --- 8840
    Lvl 17 --- 11040
    Lvl 18 --- 13716
    Lvl 19 --- 16680
    Lvl 20 --- 20216
    Camper Table v0.1

    There is a total of 97841 monsters needed to be killed so any camper can get to level 20.:eek:

    Get Famed by someone in top 5 Rank
    Scroll an Arc Staff 7 times with 60%M.Atk Scrolls
    Get an Esther Shield(DONE)
    Get an Icarus Cape(DONE)
    Make 10 mil.(DONE)
    get to level 40(DONE)
    get to level 45
    get to level 50
    get to level 60
    get to level 70
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    And a camper is........?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RaisinBran View Post
    And a camper is........?
    I think its a beginner that stays in the training camp area for life

    and don't those monsters there give only 1 exp each? Yea .... not really that hard to calculate :rolleyes:

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    I can see myself losing sanity after about 5.

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    Lol... I'd last till level 2.

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    I can't believe there's something this crazy.... :eek:

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    yeah seriously i dont think that i would last that long lol. i think that i might get to lvl 5 or so and then give up lol. its just not worth it (unless u want to be known as the highest lvl camper lol)

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    Probably the most impractical training area ever. I honestly don't see any plus sides to this, other than removing the need to drink pots or sit down. We have the SEA Equavilent, the Jr.Sentinel, and their spawn rates are terribly slow, so a camper probably never caught on here.
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    I'd hate to break it to ya but theres already an exp table

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    Yah I think the highest Camper is 15-20 :rolleyes:
    They are amazing..
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