I caved the first few hours... Knowing that id have some cool NX and be one of the few ppl in the manison, i went and spend $2.4 on a Ninja outfit :)~ Not only that, but because everyone is protesting, i got my own voodoo map and found that grinding isnt as bad as it was at FoG :):)~ IM really loving this patch. The bad thing is... voodoos dont spawn as much, im tired of trying to figure out which chests are the bad ones in the pumpkin vault, and i cant find the Horseman~~~ so yea, i have my toymaker set, i lvled up to 78, and i have mansion quests in my quest log :):):)~

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Thanksgiving event will be after halloween. Guess they r brining out their turkeys again
WOOT, turkeys in El Nath for 2 and a half months :):):):)~