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    Once, long ago, someone discovered a program called hack.exe, when he ran it with Maple, he was granted immense power. The creators, desperate to learn how a program was created without them knowing consulted the great Oracle of Google. The oracle told them of it's creation from the pure dark matter that was stripped from those who were entering the Maple world.

    In a desperate attempt to stop the evil from gaining more power, they did an emergency server restart. But, it was too late, the program had gained control. When Maple came back into operation it was overwhelmed by dark energy. This caused a crash of epic proportions.

    Many years later, Maple was brought back up, the creators felt it was safe. A human, hunting in the area know as Underrealms, saw a gateway locked by a strange power. Summon all of his strength, he broke through the gateway.

    Hack.exe had escaped its prison. Maple plunged into darkness. The creators summoned all of their knowledge to destroy this evil once and for all. But, hack.exe had gained control of the world, using it he absorbed their energy. The tremendous amount of it destroyed the fabric of existence, when it was pieced back together, the realms were melded together.

    --Chapter 1--

    A young bowman, only twelve, was hunting at the Mushroom Garden. Suddenly, all of the mushrooms disappeared. Confused, the bowman looked around, up in the sky, he saw hundreds of mushrooms. He swore he could make out a person inside the swarm. Suddenly, the mushrooms plummeted to the ground, he dove out of the way narrowly avoiding the mass of mushrooms.

    He looked up and saw a person floating in the air. "Hey! Who are you?" As soon as the words left his lips a mushroom came flying at him, he drew his bow, but it was too late. He had been knocked unconscious by the blow.

    When he awoke, there was a small girl standing next to him. "Who are you?" he said, in a raspy voice. The girl ran off and in came her mother.

    "I see you are feeling better, those mushrooms did quite a number on you." She picked up a damp cloth and laid it on his forehead. "The next time you go hunting, you might want to tale a few potions." As she said that she gave him a glass full of red liquid. "Drink this, it will make you feel better."

    The bowman drank the liquid and instantly felt better. "Thank you, I didn't think I was going to make it."

    "It was my pleasure. Now, what's your name?"

    "My name is Harley."

    "Well Harley, you're all better, feel free to leave when you wish. I also have a gift for you." She hands him a sack with potions in it. "If you're hurt just drink one of those and you'll feel much better."

    "Thank you, your kindness is very much appreciated. But, who are you, and why did you help me?"

    "My name is Beth, I was watching when the mushrooms attacked. You've heard the story of the melding right?"

    "Yes, the story of the great power that once combined the worlds into one."

    "That is correct, the great power was called hack.exe. What happened to you today was a small portion of the power being put to use. Some people, especially those with dark souls, can release the energy of hack.exe in small bursts. We call this: Hacking."

    "Why did he attack me?"

    "Hackers, those who are hacking, can be destroyed from the power of a pure soul. When they come in contact with one of these people, their pure energy can purge the darkness from their souls, and make them lose the ability to hack. Now, be on your way, you have much ahead of you. I wish you luck."

    "Thank you again." Harley picks up the potion sack and walks out of Beth's house. He looks up and says to himself, "who would want to disturb the such peace?"

    --Chapter 2--

    Harley felt a surge of power rush through him. After many long days of training, he had finally entered his twentieth season. He felt himself becoming stronger, faster, more dexterous. He opened his pack and pulled out his hard leather chest plate. It was brand new, sunlight reflected off its smoothly polished surface. The leather pants he had purchased were also new. The pants were soft, but strong. He took off his black feathered hat and pulled out a new, bigger hat. Unlacing his shoes, he pulled out a pair of DeerHuntertop boots. Looking at his silver colored bow one last time, he unstrung it, pulled out a red bow and admired its gleaming finish.

    Then, out of nowhere, a ribbon pig came flying at him; he notched two arrows, drew the string, and released two perfectly aimed arrows. The pig crashes to the ground, a dust cloud rising around it. Harley decided it was time to leave, pulling out a scroll he began an incantation when two more pigs flew at him. The first missed him, but the second hit him square in the chest. His leather breastplate absorbed most of the damage.

    Notching two more arrows he loosed them in the direction of the pig. Just before they reached their target, a huge lumbering mass of stone appeared. The arrows shattered as they made contact with stone, Harley dives for the portal and is sent to the next area just as a hail storm of pigs begins.

    “How did he survive?” A dark figure uses a scroll and disappears from the area.

    “Yes, he lived.”

    “You have failed me…”

    --Chapter 3--

    “Looking for a Party Quest Member!”

    Harley runs up to the group of people. “May I join?”

    “Hmm… You’re only in your twenty-second season. But, we’ll make an exception. Wrap this cloth around your arm.”

    Harley wraps the cloth around his arm and feels a connection with the other three. As he’s tying the sash, the other three converse about the party quest.

    “Get ready to be teleported.”

    Suddenly, everything around Harley grows dim and then disappears. When he regains his vision, he’s standing in a swampy tree ridden place. Two ligators are walking around on a ledge above him. He draws his bow string and watches as two arrows wiz towards the ligators and land there mark. They collapse and two small tickets appear where they were. Harley jumps onto the platform and picks them up. “What are these for?”

    “Just collect ten of them and we’ll be ready.”

    Harley jumps up to the next platform. On it are thirty or forty ligators. One of them goes flying around the screen. Harley thinks to himself, “A hacker!?” Drawing his bow string he sends a volley of arrows and the swarm of ligators. A few moments later the ground is laden with tickets. He picks them up and runs over to Lakelis. “May I have a pass please?”

    “Sure, please hand over your tickets.”

    Harley pulls the folded and clipped tickets to Lakelis. She casts a spell and the tickets turn into a pass. He walks to the portal, but just as he steps through it closes.

    “What!? Lakelis why did the portal close?”

    “I’m not sure, I can’t reopen it.”

    Harley pulls his bow out and notches an arrow in precaution. Off in the distance he sees a dark cloud moving towards him. As it gets closer, he can make out ligators. Just before he released an arrow a ligator came rushing and hit him from behind. He dives out of the way as another ligator smashes into the ground below where he was.

    As the cloud is almost upon him, he dives for the next platform in the process, narrowly missing the swarm. In a desperate attempt to fight back he fires off arrow after arrow, but the swarm doesn’t seem to decrease at all.

    Looking up, he sees a black figure slowly floating down.

    “Come with me or you will die.” To indicate his point, the strange points his finger at Harley and a ligator goes flying in the direction.

    Harley looks up and fires a shot at the cloaked figure. It passes through him, as though he didn’t exist.

    “That was a mistake.” As these words pass the stranger’s lips, the swarm of ligators descends upon Harley.

    Just before losing consciousness, Harley sees another cloaked figure appear besides the one who had attacked him.

    --More to Come--

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    I like it so far. I especially like the connections to real MS. Heehee...h4xx0rz ftw.

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    Yeah, I tried to relate it to things I, or others have experienced. I've had hackers vac me to death, so I thought that would be good to put in.

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    I remember the hacker times. There were 5 people, and the hacker still wasn't banned. I just hate them.

    Drinking POTIONS FTW. I dun like spreading it around my arm or any wounds. Doesn't sound correct, especially if you get injured somewhere... you dun wanna know.
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    Me too, I did exploit it once, I made 8 mil looting hackers at Grupins. I could have made more but I gave Tobis to a friend.

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    Im too lazy to read that.
    So ill just lie.
    Good job on your maple chapter thingies, wow!
    Im looking forward to chapter 2 man, keep it up!
    I Quit.

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    Liar! (too short)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dooge1992 View Post
    Liar! (too short)
    Your a liar!
    You lying liar dont lie to me because i dont lie but i know you lie because your a liar, a lying liar you liar full of lies!
    I are confused.
    No lie.
    I Quit.

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    So, was the above posted an actual critique?

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    I dont know what critique means.
    Translation Pl0x.
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