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Thread: A Guide To Islanders

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    Neither can I, really. I have a STR islander, so I'd need to pump DEX or get really good equips. >.> Waste of time and money. I'd rather just stay on the Island and live normal.

    But yeah, I'm not adding ALL the equips possible for Beginners.

    That part of the guide has gone obsolete. =P
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    Is it possible for something like:

    Khaini-Level 35 Bandit-SaintStealth
    Scania-Level 12 Swordsmanp-BuyMysoul
    Yellonde-Level 14 Beginner-BeginTheHero
    Bellocan-Lvl 1 Soon To Be Mage-UncleMagic
    Zenith-Level 71 Dragonite-비혼Q
    Zenith-Level 70 Hermit-센류
    Zenith-Level 54 Mage-Forgot Name...
    Saluk-Level 200 Bowmaster-BigBang
    Saluk-Level 120 Hero-Legend

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    Yeah, you could do something like that. However, you would be very high leveled before you could even start putting points into LUK. You'd be at least level 35 or so before finishing putting all those points in to STR and DEX. However, someone has done something along those lines. mardislander has a build like this:
    STR: 100
    DEX: 4 or 5
    INT: 4 or 5
    LUK: Everything else
    He's trying to not get hit by anything. However, I think that a DEX cap with the rest into LUK would be better, because you could pump DEX until your minimum damage is 81, so you could always 1-hit kill mushrooms. Then, you would put the rest into LUK so that nothing could hit you. That would be a truly godly islander. :D

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    I live in the South of England in Portsmouth.

    Icon7 I do sort of want to be a Islander.

    I do sort of want to be a Islander, but I think it would be sorta boring when I could be getting my Warrior (thats still on Maple Island) up to Level 10+.

    If I do, I will be doing this:

    First get 4 in Int. Then, get Str up till I can 1 or 2 Hit pigs.
    Then, as I will most likely be taking quite a bit of damage, I will get Dex up till they hit 1s to 3s. Then I will get Luk up for a while. Then finally get Str, Dex and Luk up a little bit more so I can 1 Hit everything, and take 1s. Then I will just get my HP and MP up using the Stat points.

    I will be a Islander on Bera as I plain to have Scania for my mains (Not a Archer, they look boring!). I will probably make one when I get preety bored of my Main Warrior (Brewer2008), and that probably wont happen till late in my 2ND Job Advancement because 1ST is pretty exciting at Level 10 on, then Party Quests and that. Its something I will miss when being an Islander, but it will be fun :)
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    responding to my sig, eh FrenchConnexUK?
    it'll be updated soon enough...
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