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Thread: Music/Music Suggestion Thread

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    Gah, I've heard almost everything in here so far xP
    I'll probably post some more suggestions myself later, once I find a way to get around this problem. I tested in the chat thread and it seems that there catually ISNT a limit, or that it's really big, so I might be able to pull it off, however it will still be horridly tacky with so many different genres. o.o;
    I'll work out a way to fix this if I can soon.
    Gone with the wind

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    No hip-hop?

    Lupe Fiasco - "Streets on Fire" , "Superstar"

    Rock :
    John Mayer - "Waitin on the world to Change"

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    Who love rock mashup songs with guitar songs? Any one can suggest their best choice.

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