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Thread: Safely traveling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevGlue View Post
    Traveling is such a valuable commodity and we, who grew up in Germany or in western industrialized nations, should count ourselves lucky every day that we have this chance to discover distant countries.Chile Reiseblog
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    I guessed the most important safety tip for travel is not to contact unlicenced stray travel agents. They have no idea how to protect you. Something like this.

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    Stray travel agents? God forbid. I don't travel often, but when I do, I never risk the lives of mine and my family's. When we visited Scotland, we hired Highlands and Islands Jeep tours to make our travel as interesting and safe as possible. And it was so highly enjoyable that I decided to recommend it to you too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kholdstare62 View Post
    Well, you can probably take hits from most monsters in MS (excluding bosses) tennis beting tips Telegram if you have magic guard on. The aqua road monsters aren't that hard btw, unless you go out of your way to visit bone fish/gobies/squids. Neither are the eos tower monsters. Viberate Deep in the clocktower, however, there are some pretty strong monsters, but you don't have any quests there, so...
    Got it! Magic Guard makes things easier in MapleStory. Aqua Road and Eos Tower seem manageable, but I'll avoid the clocktower. Thanks for the tips!
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