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Thread: what is a spa sauna and whats a luk cloth call me a noob if u must.

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    Default what is a spa sauna and whats a luk cloth call me a noob if u must.

    hey i have a funded dexless rouge lv 21 and i've scrolled my ganier and have steelys but what is a luck cloth and a spa sauna?

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    I think they mean a "Luck Cloth" and a "Spa Sauna" is an overall class armor, called a Blue Sauna Robe. When they mean a Luck Cloth, they probably meant a Blue Sauna Robe that has been scrolled with Overall of Luck scrolls, for extra luck (It is really expensive from over 30mil if it is 15+ Luk more).

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    They might be referring to the Showa robes, depending on where you heard it and the server they're playing on.

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    Where did you exactly get this information?

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    Sauna I'm wearing now??
    Its a dexless clothes lol

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    Don't its a Dexless overall beause a Blue Sauna could be worn by any male player 30+. The sauna i think he is talking about is a Sauna scrolled with luck and a regular sauna so he is kinda talking about the same overall.

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    There is an spa sauna robe then?

    I only got an normal blue sauna robe.

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    Hi all, there was a topic about the spa, I would like to ask if anyone knows where you can buy a massage table?

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    Hello! I have been a massage therapist for about 3 years now and I think I know what might work for you. On the Ariachairs website, you can look for a table for yourself. I often buy various consumables and things for massage on this site, a large selection and good quality. So I think this is what you need. Good luck!

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