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Thread: Beginner Haters

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    Honestly, I must admit that I was one of those people who told people "U need a job!" It was do more to not knowing the great challenges of being a permabeginner, than outright hate. I think most people are like that. The thought of a permabeginner just never crossed their mind. As for the haters? They never bothered me much. My guild is just waiting to play with my permabeginner so haters never bother me.

    "Guilds- my anti-permabeginner haters!"

    To all permabeginners on Mardia, my IGN is DuexPo and PermaPo so if you need help pqing let me know.

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    yeah, im not a hater of permabeginners, but i kinda agree with some other people on this thread. Every since the patch that got ride of the "40 damage to every monster snail shell" I'm really not a fan of making one. Nor have I had the ability to ever party with one, there's like none in Broa -__-
    So PM me or party with me in Broa: conchshell or conchorn to enlighten my view :]
    W00t to all Irish and conchs!!
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    i think perma beginners are cool!~ they persevere through all the tough times, despite ignoring the job advancements and poor comments. you need alot of determination to become a perma beginner, and even though im an archer, ive always respected them, even though i only asked them y they didnt have a job ONCE ONLY WHEN I WAS LIKE LVL 10.

    PB's are cool!

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