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Thread: Morgana's Guide to LUK for Magicians

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    What you have sounds good. I would not bother upgrading unless you can find and afford something much better that does not require you to add luk. A few extra points of magic attack would not make a visible difference. Does ems have maple shine wands? They do not require luk at all, though the well-scrolled ones are expensive.

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    Needs more edit now. You're literally more than 2x your level when you wrote it.


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    Oh my god you bumped this. I was just rereading it last night!

    Don't worry, I'll be editing it over the next week, hopefully. Taking a week or two of break from the actual game. My laptop is broken so I'll be working on borrowed computer time, though.

    The basic principles are still the same, but I'm going to split it into bishop and archmage sections, due to elemental weapons finally working properly. One reason I stopped updating was the absurd imbalance of lukless bishops using 130 ele wands...

    EDIT: Archive of the original guide before I start tweaking.
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    Bumped, because it's on the last page of the Guide section and is covered up with other useless guides.
    On a side note, I capped at 32 and am still planning on equipping a level 80 set.
    Base 32 LUK
    zHelm +16 LUK (Yes, mine's 16 LUK)
    HTP +22 LUK
    Black Belt +5 LUK
    Aran Ring 1 +1 LUK
    Master Adventurer Medal +2 LUK
    = 76 LUK.
    2 more LUK for my overall, which is slightly annoying. I might level my Aran to 70 to get the +3 stats ring, which would give me enough for my Overall, then Maker my Overall with INT and LUK so I can equip the gloves and shoes.
    I currently have everything except the medal (level 5x lol) and the HTP, which I really need to start saving for.


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    Thank you for writing such a well thought out guide. I've been wondering as I read all of this, if there would be any special considerations you would have to make if you apply this to an Evan character? I have a lvl 54 I/L wizard character but he has 54 luck cuz he was my first character and I was a noob that didn't know that luk won't help you in the end as far as damage. (Compared to having gone lukless.)

    Anyways, since I realized my mistake and I recently created an Evan simply because I wanted an awesome looking dragon to follow me around. Plus after playing him a bit and bringing him up to lvl 48, I have realized that they have a much wider range of elemental attack available to them and thus can train in a wide variety of places. To the point, I was planing on capping his luck at 45. For the moment I have a white calas with +50 weapon defense (Hidden Potential xD) to cut down on training costs, and I have borrowed my fully scrolled Nocturnal Staff from my other mage. I was thinking about using a Dark/White Anakmoon (depending on what I can find) and Evil Tail combo till roughly lvl 120. Would that be a good idea or do I have some better options?

    * Oh and before you ask, I don't have a Zhelm. I'm nearly at lvl 50 on my Evan and have saved up 10 mil for the lvl 50 Dragon Mount quest, but after that I plan on saving up for one, so my plans right now don't account for a Zhelm. I'm using the Marbas Hat with a +20 int boost xD

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    You can stick with that setup indefinitely. However, get yourself an Elemental Wand as soon as you can. A Fire wand of any sort will last you forever.

    Cap your base luk at the point where you can wear the Anakamoon without too much help from equips. (Though I am Lukless and I wear one. It requires all the luk from my dragon gear, Zhelm, and HT pendant to do it.)

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    yea I wasn't really planning on upgrading much I think those wands are lvl 103 so I might get one, but I was also looking at the higher leveled Elemental Staves as well, but you are probably right, no point in waiting to lvl 160 or w/e it is for those. I might have upgraded to fury equips if I could scrounge up the luck requirements without compromising on my INT much, but I'm not really counting on it.

    Thank you for your opinion xD

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    I capped my luk at 90. Honestly if you scroll a reverse staff well enough it's worth it. I'm probably going to add luk from 150-160 so I can equip the estaff 5.

    I've heard that luk will be more useful when we get big bang, but I haven't had any confirmation.
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