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    A cloaked figure atop a ridge a half-mile away.
    Fragments like this make my brain explode. :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by AstheSunFails View Post
    finished new chapter, oh and intenet finally started up again. YAY:)

    “All right, apprentices, line up,” Electus yelled and a group of 50 boys and girls around the ages of 11 and 12 lined up in front of Electus. “Today is a great day for all of you; today you shall earn your first job.”

    Scattered cheering among the crowd, “To gain your first job, you shall have to go through The Course. Each of you have reviewed all of the jobs and trained in how to use each weapon for each job and today you shall choose. Those who want to be a mage will go to the magician course on my far left, once you complete The Course you will be transported to the house of the Job Lord of your choice. Each class shall do this, for those who want to be a warrior, bowman, or thief, your instructions are the same, and warrior is on my left, bowman, right, and thief, far right. The Job Lords for each class is as follows, Magician, Grendel the Really Old, Warrior, Dances with Balrog, Bowmen, Athena Pierce, Thief, Dark Lord. Now the CI’s will guide you to the jobs you wish to take, apprentices… Dismissed!

    One month later
    Electus awoke inside his officer’s room in the Vita base. A knock at the door. “Who is it right now.”

    “Electus sir, the guild master is here to see you.” Said a messenger at his door

    “Ok, tell him I will be out in five minutes, I just got up.”

    “Very well Electus sir, the guild master says he will wait for you outside your room.” Five minutes later Electus came out of his room.

    “Hello Electus, come take a walk with me.” Said Magister, the guild master.

    “Yes Magister,” Electus replied. They began walking down the corridor, Electus noticed that they were heading in the general direction of the Portals

    “Well Electus I’m never good at beginning so I’ll just get down to business.”

    “I’d prefer that Magister.”

    “Well as you know we have been observing the last batch of beginners you trained.”

    “Yes I do know that.”

    “Well one has shown extraordinary ability, in the month that has passed this one has reached second job and is currently nearing third job. So we would like you to personally train this one until we see fit.”

    “I will gladly do this for you sir.” Electus and Magister arrived at the Portals.

    “Good, now take a portal to Henesys. Find our agent near the park and he will guide you to your new student, Nathaniel.

    Nathaniel stumbled out of the portal after being shot at, nearly stepped on, and chased by giant slimes.

    A man dressed in ninja clothes looked up, “Well you are the first one to get through that course that fast.”

    “A… are you D… Dark Lord?” Nathaniel asked.

    “Of course I am, I’m assuming you want to be a thief?”

    “Ye… yes.”

    “Ok, come here so I can make you into a thief,” Nathaniel approached and Dark Lord laid a hand over Nathaniel’s chest and began whispering words that sounded like mumbo-jumbo to Nathaniel. A great ray of light came over Nathaniel.

    “There now you are a thief, the way out is that way, on your way out pick up a beginner thief sword, a beginner thief claw, beginner thief stars, and the thief’s skill book, rank 1.”

    Nathaniel walked out and picked up those 4 items. He put the sword, claw and stars in his pack and sat down on a bench reading the skill book. He put the book down and pulled out his sword, “double stab.” He stabbed twice at an invisible enemy. He then put down the sword and pulled out the claw and stars. “lucky 7,” two stars flew as he threw the stars, both went wheeling off in different directions. “The sword is too easy, I’ll guess I be an assassin.” He threw away the sword and left the claw on his wrist. He walked off to start training. Two bullies stood in his way.

    “Hey noob where you going right now?” one with a Blood Gigantic on his wrist asked.

    “To train,” answered Nathaniel.

    “He’s going to train,” mocked the other one with a Varkit in a sheathe at his belt.

    “Like he could train, he’s too weak to even kill a snail probably.”

    “I can to kill a snail!” Nathaniel yelled.

    “Ok, then a blue snail.” The assassin seceded. Nathaniel began getting angry, “ah isn’t it cute, he’s angry.” Nathaniel lunged at the assassin. The Chief Bandit moved in punched Nathaniel in the stomach, flipped him over, and threw him on the ground in one movement. Nathaniel struggled to get up, but the Chief Bandit pulled out his Varkit and held it to his throat.

    “Never, ever, attack your superiors, you never know what they might do, such as kill you.” The Chief Bandit got up and he and the assassin walked off laughing.

    One week later

    Nathaniel walked to Dark Lords house, it had been a week ever since he had left and started his training but he was very different then before, having been constantly been bullied by people because of his size, he had grown to be hard. His appearance had changed too, he used to have really long hair, but now he wore his hair in a military fashion, he had made a belt from which he could quickly grab stars to throw with his Adamantium Guard.

    He knocked on the door, and yelled at it, “Dark Lord, I’ve come for my second job advancement.” The door opened and Dark Lord was standing there.

    “Hey I remember you, you came here a week ago, you couldn’t have trained that fast.”

    “Well I have and I want to advance to being an Assassin.”

    “Ok, well then wait here,” Dark Lord went back into his house and came back out with a letter, “Here take this letter and give it to the thief second job advancement master.” Nathaniel took the letter and ran off to find the master.

    “Hmm, isn’t this the letter from Dark Lord, I guess you want to take the advancement, well, I need you to collect thirty dark marbles for me and then I can give you the Proof of the Hero to show that you are ready to advance,” The second job advancement master had told him. A minute later, Nathaniel reappeared with thirty dark marbles for the master. “Ok good, now go to Dark Lord and give him this, the Proof of Hero.”

    “Dark Lord, I have the Proof of Hero.” Nathaniel yelled happily at the door.

    The door opened and Dark Lord stood there. “Good, now what do you want to be, an Assassin or Bandit?”

    “I want to be an Assassin,” Nathaniel replied. Dark Lord followed the same procedure to make Nathaniel a Thief.

    “Ok, now that you are an Assassin take this book, the Assassin’s Skill guide rank 2.”

    Four weeks later

    Nathaniel trudged through the snows of El Nath looking for his next kill. After four weeks of hard training he had become extremely strong. He now wore a Dark Identity on his head, Oaker Scorpio Pants and Shirt, Black Snowshoes on his feet, a Gold Pow on his hand and a Sapphire Gigantic on his other hand.

    A cloaked figure atop a ridge a half-mile away. “The target is moving, I’ll be approaching in a few minutes.”

    “Good, remember that you are not t force him, just give him a choice.” Said a voice in the figures headset.

    Nathaniel headed back to his home a few miles away from El Nath. As he arrived at his house he noticed the door was hanging open. He noted this and walked inside. A shadow in the corner of the ceiling moved. Down came a cloaked figure brandishing a Dark Dragon Carabella. “Dark Charge, Blast!”

    Nathaniel dodged, “Haste, Claw Booster.” He turned around, “Who are you?”

    “I’m Atra, Letum’s top assassin,” He charged again.

    “Never heard of you,” Nathaniel dodged again and threw two Steelys at him.

    “Doesn’t matter, you will now.” Atra blocked the Steelys and hit Nathaniel a glancing blow. Nathaniel flew back against a wall. Atra charged forward and held the Carbella against Nathaniel’s neck. “I’ve not come to kill you, but to give you a message, Letum would like to invite you to join our organization, if you wish to answer this, go to Zakum’s Altar and speak ‘Duro iter itineris letum,’ do this within a week or we will come for you.”

    Atra removed his sword from Nathaniel’s neck and left the room.
    Above is the original story; I'm working on it.
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