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Thread: Your Top and Bottom Three Restuarants:

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    2. The smoke house at Busch Gardens (they got nice bbq)
    Epic. Their brisket is AMAZING, and so is their bread pudding. You can make a meal out of their macaroni side, too. Also, I like the selection at Golden Corral, but my aunt and uncle call it "feeding at the trough"... lol.

    My top three:
    1. Mi Apa Latin Cafe. Local place, mostly South American cuisine, though they do make a mean Cuban sandwich. Their guava pastries are to DIE for.
    2. Country BBQ, inside a gas station, at the only traffic light in Hawthorne, across from Blue Highway pizza (which is also delicious). We haven't got anything other than their pulled pork, because it's so tender and delicious that it doesn't even need sauce, and we just keep wanting it. Worth driving 10 miles for.
    3. Not sure, but I would say Satchel's Pizza. Really eclectic local place. I'm not a big fan of New York style pizza, but if I do want it, they do it very well. You can sit in a hollowed-out Volkswagon van as a table. Their salad is the BEST I have ever tasted... feta, almond, and fruit heaven. They have a junk museum/store called Lightnin' Salvage attached to the back.

    Bottom three:
    1. Taco Hell. Every time I've eaten there, I end up in the bathroom for 2 hours regretting it.
    2. Carrabba's. Super overpriced, and not even better than my own Italian cooking with store-bought pasta.
    3. Waffle House. The food is okay if you like grease, but they ALWAYS (and I mean every time I've been there) mess up my order, and the one where we live doesn't even have big enough tables for more than 4 people to sit.

    There's a theme of bashing on chain restaurants. Maybe it's because local places can't get away with being bad and fold in a few months if they suck, but if you can get brand recognition, you're golden.

    [email protected]: There is Crispers. They have semi-fast food, with many vegetarian dishes. Also, there's a drive-thru Indian restaurant where I live that has vegetarian/vegan food.

    There's such a thing as vegetarian fast food, but not that's a huge chain, at least right now.

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    Wow, crispers, I had to look it up. The only location of these vegie fast foods are in Florida. Maybe one day, it will cross America and come over here.


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    Oh, I was in the Hot Pot City once, and it was a great place. But usually, I prefer to cook at home because I think that homemade food is more healthy. Once I bought Kitchen Cabinets for Sale king of prussia, it became a pleasure to spend time in the kitchen, and I'm pretty sure I started cooking even more.

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    thanks for recommendations

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    I agree with you that homemade food is much healthier, that's why I prefer to do everything on my own. For example, I love doing these things from ​ as it's so easy to do and it doesn't take too much time as well. What do you think about them

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