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New Beauty Parlor?
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Thread: New Beauty Parlor?

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    Icon4 New Beauty Parlor?

    Hey I was just wondering if it would be possible to make it so that you can have a picture of a character with the default clothes or something else like that in the beauty parlor and somehow make it so that you can use arrows to change what hair and face the character has displayed, as well and the color of hair, eyes, and skin and where you can find them in the Maple world.

    I just thought that having that would make it easier for people to choose what their character looked like beforehand instead of runnung around the whole world looking for what they like best.

    Hope someone can come up with something!


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    1. Cant you just do that in-game?
    2. Thats much too complicated for THIS site. They cant even have a decent chat. Its just text thats frequently updated with JavaScript... T_T
    3. BannedStory is a second option. I had to uninstall mine though because my computer is near fill! :X
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    5. *Stares*
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    Hey cools I don't have a spoiler

    Quote Originally Posted by pWnZIngY0U34 View Post
    mayB try bigfoot. its godd exp to lvl up with

    ops i mean good*
    Quote Originally Posted by xtreme702 View Post
    CDFA's just a total dumbass half the forum knows that by now...

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    Use Bannedstory's thing.
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    Alright, thanks guys!

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    Wasn't Bannedstory... Banned? :D Nexon filing a lawsauit against it or summing?


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    at first i though u were joking or discribing Banned story
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