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Thread: Help With Third Job Advancement

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    Default Help With Third Job Advancement

    Hey Lads, I finally reached lvl 70 today!!!! Gratz me :D
    Does anyone know if there is third job advancement guide for Brawlers around? Thx

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    :| You can google, y'know.

    Quote Originally Posted by KunPhuzzlD
    Now once you reach level 70(or above, as long as you don't spend your skill points) head over to El Nath at the top of town there is a building, inside talk to the person closest to you (it is the pirate 3rd job instructor) and he will send you on some quests to become a Brawler.

    Firstly, you'll have to return to Victoria, talk to Kyrin who will tell you to fight her clone. The portal to get to the clone is in the Cave of Evil Eye, either 2 or 3. No need to buy all-cure pots, all she does is slow. She can also spawn a copy of her, to tell which one is her simply using a stunning attack, if she gets stunned it's a clone, if not, it's the real one.

    Go back to Kyrin and she will send you off to El Nath again. This time, you have to go to Sharp Cliff ( to answer 5 questions to obtain the final piece in becoming a Brawler. YOU NEED 1 REFINED DARK CRYSTAL TO DO THE QUIZ! The answers to all the questions are in the following link: (

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    It's the same as every other job.

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    Lol you think they would make a separate quest or something?

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    Thx guys, I basically needed the 3rd job questions, almost died at the sharp cliff, good thing I found the questions at the right time.

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    It seems to me that three jobs are too much. I remember that somehow I had to work two jobs at the same time, and I almost died of fatigue.

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    Oh, I remember that terrible time when I also worked two jobs at the same time, because I didn't have enough money for a good life. It's good that now this problem no longer exists, because my friend suggested to me an excellent job site here. Finally, I was able to find something suitable and with a good salary, so now I can't rush from one job to another.

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