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Thread: Deteriorating health

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    Quote Originally Posted by penguinzrock View Post
    My dad's doctor assured me it would be less than 8 fl ounces.
    Your lucky it's only upper G.I.

    but it still tastes like chalk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenOfTheDesert View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by TheDon View Post
    how the hell did this topic make it to two pages?
    its cuz yur smexy and everybody <3 u channing tatum look-a-like u.

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    i've heard two different accounts of this barium test.
    one classmate said it taste gross...and almost puked....and complained about having to drink a lot of it.
    the other said, the doctor mixed it with orangina...and liked it..he said it taste good, and wanted more....

    well, plz report back on your june tests...good luck, and try stay alive... and snipe the necronazis down..Mhahahahahaha....
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    to avoid deterioration of health, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle

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    Worsen health can occur for many reasons

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    But most often it happens because of stress. Stress is a heavy test for the body and it has a negative impact on health (immunity falls, chronic type diseases appear, depression develops). Stress is the response of the body to the impact of stressful factors. Therefore, it is important to use therapy online specialists services in a timely manner, which helps to find the best solution

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