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Thread: KOC Quest Problem (SEA)

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    Been having problems with quest on my KOC character in MSEA. The problem is that either that the Quest is not available or the Quest rewards will not be added in your inventory. The first time that I had the problem is when I finish the Nella and the citizen request which in the end you will get a glove for your character. I finish the quest but no Gloves I got the EXP though. It goes the same thing with Bartol's Request, which this time no Warp Card. Both of this time I always have extra slot for my Etc items. And the quest that will not activate is the Mr. Wetbottom's Secret Book, which you will have a sauna robe which should be available at level 30 now im level 36 still no quest. I checked it also with my other KOC friend. He also dont have the quest and he tried to go to Mr Wetbottom, No quest. Already reported this to MSEA help desk but no reply so far. Anybody got answers? Hope there will be no problems like this in Global for you KOC. :P

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    Default out in GMS!?!?!?!

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    Sorry My Bad. <Edited>

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    The KoC's quests are mostly bugged in MapleSEA .
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    seems a bug there, i'm sure :(

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    I guess. :) All thats working for now is exp that you will get from quest. but for items. You will have to gamble because there are quest that the items will not be given. So i suggest not to get the quest that will activate the next quest which requires an item from the previous.

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